CybageAsha - Sweater donation drive
CybageAsha - Sweater donation drive

Winter is here and temperatures keep dropping every day. Understanding the woes of those who do not have warm clothing in this weather, CybageAsha held a sweater donation drive on Dec 12 at three different organizations.

In the first one, our executives and volunteers distributed 24 sweaters at Amma Foundation Orphanage located in Dilsukhnagar area, and at Amma Foundation Free Computer Training Center for the blind, on Mayuri Marg, Begampet. Amma Foundation not only provides free computer training to blind students but also gives them accommodation.

The second sweater donation was done at Desire society at Bollaram village, where 69 sweaters were gifted to the children. Desire society works towards the upkeep, development and well-being of children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. The society maintains separate homes for boys and girls.

The third donation program was at Friends Foundation Orphanage home. Our CSR executives interacted with students and got to know about the children’s online classes and the experience. They discussed the renewal of CybageKhushboo scholarships—the process and the pending documents. They distributed 38 sweaters at this orphanage.