Movie Screening at Matruchaya BalakAshram
Movie Screening at Matruchaya BalakAshram

On 24 Oct 2020, the CybageAsha team organized a movie screening for the children of Matruchaya BalakAshram, which is located at Dighi, Pune. Present at the screening were 30 students, five Cybage volunteers, and the caretaker of Matruchaya BalakAshram.

The team screened the Hollywood movie Lion King dubbed in Hindi. The movie was a visual extravaganza to savor. The children were very happy and enjoyed every bit of the movie. Before and after the movie, the volunteers interacted with the children and explained the theme of the movie with live examples and incidences. This movie proved to be a boredom buster for them. Volunteers were successful in conveying the message of the movie, "You should always take a wise decision and listen to your elders."

The volunteers played some interesting indoor games with the kids and later distributed sanitizers and masks to them. They explained about the hygiene to be maintained during this pandemic. In the end, a delicious lunch was served to all.

The caretaker thanked the CybageAsha team for conducting the movie screening.