CybageAsha Grain Donation Drive - Gandhinagar
CybageAsha Grain Donation Drive - Gandhinagar

Keeping the CybageAsha tradition alive of giving back to society, a grain collection drive was organized at Cybage Gandhinagar office.

The drive received a good response from Cybagians. CybageAsha donated the grains to Special Children’s Home on 8 February  2020. This special home takes care of children who are suffering from AIDS. This fulfills the NGO center’s grain need for one month. A total of 40 students residing at this home will be benefitted from this drive. CybageAsha also donated puzzle games and books to the students.

Virendra Singh, a client of C-Metric solutions, Gandhinagar and Dr. Chirag Upadhyay from Vishesh Education Center were present for the event. They appreciated the Cybage initiative.

During the event, the volunteers interacted with the students and the counselor of this center. CybageAsha volunteers conducted various recreational and group activities for the students. At the end of the event, a cake was cut and distributed along with muffins.