Sweater Distribution Drive  At Hyderabad
Sweater Distribution Drive At Hyderabad

CybageAsha, Hyderabad organized a sweater distribution event on January 11, 2020 at The Nest - Home for The Aged. The Nest is a shelter home for senior citizens, which is in Miyapur, Hyderabad.

We have donated necessities like a washing machine and a water cooler to the home on previous occasions to make everyday life easier for them. This year, we wanted to start the new year on a warm note.

As we know, winters can be tough to get through without warm clothing, and it is more so for the elderly. We decided to gift them sweaters to make their winter easier and comfortable. Seven enthusiastic volunteers participated in the event. The volunteers also interacted with the inmates of the old age home and played games with them to liven up their day.

The volunteers really appreciated being a part of this event. They said it was a deeply emotional and enriching experience for them.