A Memorable Visit to Sevadham Old Age Home
A Memorable Visit to Sevadham Old Age Home

CybageAsha conducted a visit to the Sevadham Old Age Home on November 16, 2019, and the experience was deeply soul-enriching. We realized that life has a pattern which includes old age as well as youth, but the essence lies behind how we choose to live it. Even though old age has its limitations and abandonment can really bring one’s spirit down, the senior citizens at the old age home proved us wrong.

We wanted to create a cushion of happiness for the elderly at the old age home, so we stepped in along with 13 energetic and excited volunteers who were happily accompanied by six members of their family.

The CSR team planned a fun-filled day for the elderly residents at Sevadham Old Age Home. They interacted with the residents, sang songs, played antakshari and enjoyed delectable snacks with them and succeeded in bringing a big smile on their faces.

We should always remember “Old age needs so little but needs that little so much.”