Inauguration of various facilities at Rashmi School
CybageAsha refurbishes Rashmi English Medium School

CybageAsha constructed toilets and a recreational shed, refurbished and painted classrooms, installed a water purifier cum cooler and donated 100 benches to RASHMI ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL, a low income private school from Class 1-10, that has around 782 children studying in it. 

At the inauguration event, students expressed gratitude towards Cybage for creating basic facilities like drinking water and sanitation in their school. They also thanked CybageAsha for making their school more vibrant and colourful, thus making them look forward to coming to school everyday. 

Cybage has been helping low income private schools in and around its neighbourhood, to improve their infrastructure and environment, thus bringing joy to the kids and living upto it’s tagline of spreading smiles across miles!