CybageAsha donated School bus to differently abled students
Donation of School Bus for students

CybageAsha donated a school bus to the Rivka Sahil Akshar (RS Akshar) Institute on Sunday. The keys were handed over during an event held at the institute premises in Wai, Satara, in the presence of Dr. Avinash Tapare, CEO, RS Akshar Institute; school students; and the CybageAsha committee members.

RS Akshar Institute, established on May 11, 1982, runs a school and a vocational training center for differently-abled children. It also runs foundation courses for primary teachers affiliated to the Rehabilitation Council of India.

Wai, situated in the rural region of Satara, lacks properly constructed roads, making the commute for differently-abled children difficult. Moreover, parents residing at remote places didn’t send their children to school due to Wai’s topography and their poverty. The institute was in dire need of transportation. CybageAsha donated a bus so that these special children, residing near and far, can come to the school easily.


Dr. Avinash thanked CybageAsha for the bus donation. He described how the differently-abled children face theirown inherent set of challenges and how in rural areas the socio-economic conditions and the lack of awareness impede families from fully understanding their children’s disabilities, much less seek appropriate intervention. He stressed on the fact that the bus will help in transporting more than 50 such students from 18 different villages for regular schooling. Now, the children will be able to stay longer in school and learn essential life skills. He concluded by saying that the bus will help in fulfilling the institute’s motto–Will Grow, But Slowly.