Model village - Pingori
Model village - Pingori

CybageAsha inaugurated and handed over various development projects at Pingori village, a drought-prone area with a population of 1050. This village is located in a remote hilly area in Purandar taluka.

Ritu Nathani, Director, Cybage Software Private Ltd. and Managing Trustee, CybageAsha, graced the occasion with her presence.

A lot of development work has been undertaken by CybageAsha in the last two years to uplift the living conditions of the village residents of Pingori. On the education front, CybageAsha has helped construct two classrooms for the secondary school there and has provided help for the refurbishment of the primary school. This has helped more than 140 school-going children.

CybageAsha helped in the construction of two 20,000-liter water tanks, repaired the Cement Nala Bandhara, and connected the drinking water pipeline from the village well to the primary school among the many projects it undertook. These initiatives have not only helped in providing the villagers with enough water for drinking and daily use, but it has also saved them a great deal of time and energy, which was earlier spent for fetching water for their daily use.