Desilting work of CybageAsha helping harvest both Kharif and rabi crops
Desilting work of CybageAsha helping harvest both Kharif and rabi crops

Masegaon village is in the drought-prone Marathwada region of Maharashtra. In 2018–19, CybageAsha with the help of the villagers de-silted streams covering an area of 1.5 km. After the monsoons, all the wells and bore wells have got filled, and the underground water level has increased. This de-silting project will benefit more than 200 acres of agriculture land, and villagers will not face scarcity of clean drinking water in summer. Now, villagers can grow crops in both kharif and rabi seasons, which was not the case earlier due to lack of water for agriculture. 

Masegaon, a drought-prone town in the Ghansawangi taluka in Jalna district of Marathwada with a population of 2500 people, has been facing severe water problems.

After the rainy season, the streams in the village are parched and left with no water for agriculture and daily use; thus, making life difficult for the residents.  

In 2017–18, CybageAsha, in collaboration with and contribution from the villagers, took the initiative to desilt streams that cover an area of 1.5 km. This initiative was undertaken to improve the agricultural conditions and conserve drinking water after the end of the rainy season.

Normally done in the pre-monsoon season, this project helped the village save enough water for 200 acres of agriculture land and daily use.

The desilting work not only helps to increase the underground water level and harvest both kharif and rabi crops, but it also keeps the bore wells and other wells filled throughout the year.