CybageAsha - Sustainable agricultural practices
CybageAsha - Sustainable agricultural practices

CybageAsha organized an online session to promote sustainable agricultural practices for village residents. Sustainable agriculture means meeting society's present food and textile needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Mr. Pradip Khose, Joint Chief Program Executive at the BAIF Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods and Development, was the key facilitator for conducting this session. Many village residents, CSR representatives, volunteers, and NGO professionals enthusiastically participated in the session. Pradip introduced the concept and later on guided the participants about sustainable agricultural practices. It was a highly interactive session. With the help of such informative sessions, CybageAsha has been helping village residents to increase production, income, and livelihood opportunities.

CybageAsha has adopted 11 villages in Bhor and Velhe blocks of Pune district under cluster development programs. A lot of development work in agriculture, livestock, watershed, and infrastructure has been undertaken by CybageAsha in the last three years to uplift the living conditions of the village residents. 

The villagers thanked Pradip Khose for guiding them and expressed their gratitude to CybageAsha for its contribution towards holistic development.