CybageAsha's workshop on water resource management
CybageAsha conducts water management workshop for farmers

CybageAsha conducted a one-day workshop on water resource management for farmers on February 25, 2018.

Geologist Upendra Dhonde conducted the workshop which was attended by farmers from Bhor, Velhe, and Purandar talukas. He provided useful information regarding water conservation, planning of water resources at the village level, and water science. Dhonde also explained in detail the technicalities involved in desilting of streams and rivers.

Villages usually face water scarcity issues during the summer season, severely affecting agriculture and day-to-day life. While villagers try to solve the issue of water shortage through desilting, their lack of technical know-how results in lower rates of success. 

This workshop was aimed to develop the villagers’ understanding of effective water resource management. At the end of the workshop, the villagers expressed their gratitude towards CybageAsha for conducting such a knowledge-rich workshop, which will help them manage their water resources effectively in the future.