CybageAsha Underground Drainage and Internal Road work
CybageAsha Underground Drainage and Internal Road work

CybageAsha takes initiatives in providing infrastructural support to its adopted villages. Under the Rural Development program, the Trust has adopted more than 33 villages in Maharashtra and helped improve the lives of the underprivileged. It has contributed to their infrastructure development by constructing underground drainage, internal roads, soak pits, and water conservation projects. The Trust has also executed a number of projects such as proper sanitation, clean drinking water, and education.

CybageAsha Hyderabad wing recently adopted Sirigaipally village under its Rural Development program. This small village is in the Vikarabad District from Telangana. A total of 154 families live in the village which has a population of 734. 

The Trust constructed 220 meters of underground drainage to create a healthy environment in the village. This will curtail the spread of diseases such as malaria and dengue. The Trust also constructed 120 meters CC Road for smooth transportation.

CSR Executive Suresh Anapurapu held a meeting with farmers regarding the formation of a farmers' group. He explained to them the importance and the formation process of this group.