Handloom training center GNR
CybageAsha helps weave livelihoods for unemployed weavers in Gandhinagar

The failure to keep up with the contemporary trends in the textile industry, and the absence of opportunities to learn newer crafts led to heavy unemployment  for the weavers in the rural areas of Gujarat. This resulted in the lack of sustainable livelihood for the traditional artists.

CybageAsha, in association with RDRC which is an NGO dealing with rural development, has initiated a handloom training program at Jalalpur village in Dholka Taluka, Gujarat. The aim of this program is to motivate  weavers to adopt new technologies to enhance productivity, quality, and earnings. Through this initiative, 25 weavers will get theoretical and on-the-job training in cloth production. RDRC will also help them get market linkages.  

During the training program, the weavers wove and delivered items such as bedsheets, towels, and file covers that are used in government files. With the help of RDRC, CybageAsha has taken a small yet significant step forward in rural upliftment and livelihood development. After completion of the training, the weavers will be provided handlooms at 80% subsidy to help them kick-start their business on a modern note.