About Us

Who we are

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. commenced its first philanthropic arm, CybageAsha, in October 2005 which was later registered as a Trust on 7th January 2009 under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950. CybageAsha values humanity and equality. With the perfect blend of integrity and enthusiasm, it works with a commitment to spread happiness amongst the underprivileged. In its own ways, the trust believes in “Spreading Smiles Across Miles”.

The Trust is the brainchild of enthusiastic Cybage volunteers, Mr. Arun Nathani, CEO and MD, Cybage, and his wife Mrs. Ritu Nathani, Director, Cybage. Under the able guidance of Cybage’s senior management, active participation from Cybagian volunteers and meticulous execution by the CSR team, the scope of CybageAsha is blossoming rapidly.

The flagship projects of CybageAsha aim at uplifting rural communities using sustainable interventions. This includes both infrastructural development and income generation through modern agricultural techniques in villages.

Development of urban slum communities in Pune through health initiatives, good governance drives, adult literacy programs, digital literacy programs, skill development centers for youths, women empowerment etc. aims at betterment of society.

Short-term projects enable volunteers to reach out to the visually impaired, orphans, women’s groups, and senior citizens and less fortunate sections of society. CybageAsha also associates with various NGOs and social service organizations to spread its reach and create a greater impact.

CybageAsha is special because it helps in the betterment of society, and while doing that, it puts its volunteers on the path of becoming better human beings.


Vision statement :

Cybage through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, aims at bridging disparities through sustainable community development. This aspiration includes the holistic development of the underprivileged section of society to provide equal opportunity to all.  Cybage is committed to look at social responsibility beyond compliance while making social thinking a DNA of its existence. Leadership team and employees’ participation will be an integral part of Cybage CSR.

Mission statement :

To achieve our vision through Rural upliftment, community development and social welfare verticals of CybageAsha and education vertical of CybageKhushboo.

Core values :

To have a clean and ethical mechanism of work to benefit the beneficiaries with energy, enthusiasm, Perseverance, Inclusiveness, Transparency, participation, non-dependence and self-reliance in a process oriented, and  data driven manner.


Our initiatives

CybageAsha has initiated the following programs to perform its responsibilities effectively:

Rural Development       Community Development      Social Welfare 


Arun Nathani
Arun Nathani
CEO & Managing Director
Ritu Nathani
Ritu Nathani
Director Cybage, Managing Trustee CybageAsha
Elston Pimenta
Elston Pimenta
Head - HR

Arun Nathani is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Cybage Software. Cybage is a data-driven company, and this work ethic primarily originates from Arun’s thought process of giving more importance to how the analysis of data is applied to decision-making rather than the data alone. Arun started his career as a software design engineer in the USA and has been contributing to software development and quality management ever since. He returned to India in the early ’90s and founded Cybage with the intention of creating one of the most efficient IT service companies in the world that provides a high value chain in the product engineering and IT services space. He believes that the right balance must be struck between being ‘customer-centric’ and ‘employee-centric’ in order to benefit from and provide benefits to both entities. He is a strong believer in the empowerment of the society through education and has been instrumental in establishing and promoting two Corporate Social Responsibility wings of Cybage: CybageKhushboo and CybageAsha . Arun was awarded the ‘CEO of the Year Award’ by the National Awards in IT Excellence. He has also been conferred the ‘CEO with HR orientation Award’ during the Talent & HR Leadership conference organized by World HRD Congress and ET Now. He was honored with the ‘Global HR Excellence’ award at the Asia Pacific HRM Congress. He is a conscious writer, drawing out management lessons from real-life situations and sharing them on his blog www.arunnathaniblog.com, which is regularly read by all Cybagians and a large populace outside of Cybage.

Mrs. Ritu Nathani is a dentist by qualification and a philanthropist by passion. The co-founder and director of Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. has been honored as a ‘Leading Consultant’ at the third edition of the Women Leaders in India Awards in December 2011 for her contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She heads the two wings of Cybage CSR initiatives—CybageKhushboo and CybageAsha. Ritu was the chapter chair of Yi’s (Young Indians—a youth platform of the Confederation of Indian Industry) Pune chapter during 2012-13. While discharging her duties as the chapter chair, Ritu was instrumental in organizing several learning events, along with a leadership summit with former President of India, the honorable APJ Abdul Kalam. Ritu has also travelled far and wide to promote causes close to her heart. She was part of the official Indian delegation to G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit at Moscow in June 2013. She followed this up with a delegation to Pakistan in October 2013 for the Pak-India Young Entrepreneurs Bilateral Summit that was organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Forum (YEF) of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ICCI) in partnership with Yi, and Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs (CAAYE) in association with Aman Ki Asha, a peace initiative between India and Pakistan. It was during her sabbatical from dentistry that she re-connected with her childhood passion for performing arts. For more than a decade, Ritu has worked as an elocution teacher, conducting private classes and training children for speech exams conducted by Trinity College, London. She has also worked as a freelance drama teacher in various schools.

Elston Pimenta, in his role as Head - HR, spearheads the most dynamic portfolio at Cybage.  ‘Valuing’, ‘nurturing’ and ‘engaging’ talent are the dedicated focus activities of the department. The core values of quality, consistency, and responsiveness enshrined in the mission statement of Cybage act as the cornerstone for the functioning of this department.“Bringing Life to Work” has been the tagline for the Cybage HR team. All energies are diverted to help the organization face daily challenges and create opportunities for the growth of its people. At Cybage, Elston plays multiple roles of ‘Counsellor’, ‘Trainer’ and ‘Mentor’.His philosophy of life is inspired by the famous quote: “If I am not for myself, who will be? And if I am only for myself, what am I?” He started his career over two-and-a-half decades ago in the chemical engineering field, before shifting to IT programming and Optical Fiber Technology. However, his  passion for people management came in the form of a permanent shift to HR, where he excels as an HR professional continuously engaged in bringing about a positive change with people he interacts. His involvement with the under-privileged and the marginalized dates back to 1983 through his stint with Junior Chamber at the local, state and at the national level. He held various positions in the Organization which culminated as it’s national’s Secretary General for the period 1994-1998. He has won a number of National and International recognitions for his contribution to Community service. He continues to involve with a number of voluntary organizations including Cybage Asha and Cybage Khusbhoo.


Our Team

  • Rajani Arora

    Rajani Arora

    Community Development

    My father, a Social Welfare Officer with Department of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, has been an inspiration for me to work for the society. The plight of people who do not have access to basic needs and are not aware of their rights is something that keeps me pushing to support them. However, I still remember my first community visit, when I felt we should never come back to such a dreadful place. But our dedication and team work helped change things in that community over time.

    The highs and lows of social work are incomparable to anything that we do in our routine. It’s so easy to get attached to people you support that their success and failures feels like your own. Learning to manage these vicarious emotions has been an important part of my joyful and enriching journey with the Cybage CSR team. 


  • Bharat Banate

    Bharat Banate

    Social Welfare

    I have always believed, "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something."

    As a Cybage CSR volunteer, I have realized that as corporates, we get excellent opportunity to help society in terms of education, green initiatives, rural development and much more. It also helps in finding the considerate and generous characters within ourselves .We get a lot of things from the society now it is our turn to reciprocate. CybageAsha and Cybage Khusboo truly inspire and unite people.

     So far, I have been recognized for my contributions thrice including the “Best Volunteer of The Year” recognition.

  • Shruti Joshi

    Shruti Joshi

    Social Welfare

    I believe that, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I regularly participate in CybageAsha activities ever since I joined Cybage. Positive attitude and helping nature are the keys that helped me while volunteering for a cause. I was part of many activities like 'Shramdan','school kit donation',' tree plantation', 'computer donation', 'visit to orphanage', 'CybageKhushboo scholarship programs among others.

     CybageAsha activities are complete package of refreshment. It helped me to grow as a human being. I learnt that happiness resides in our perspective towards life. CybageAsha truly depicts “Spreading smiles across miles!” Such incidents are responsible for personality development. Together we can make a difference in others’ lives. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from CSR activities.

  • Shivani Goyal

    Shivani Goyal

    Social Welfare

    It gives me inner happiness and satisfaction when I give something back to society and get the smiles back. Whenever I get some free time, I take up CSR tasks. I utilize my weekends for this good thing. Also, it gives me immense pleasure to spread happiness. It helps me keep doing the good work. And interaction with those people for whom we work, keeps me motivated.

     I have been a part of many welfare activities, like blood donation, activity clubs in school, celebrations for office staff, and Shramdaan. I belong to a small village, where I have seen people struggling for studies, food, medications, and other basic things. I was not able to do anything for them, but now, when I have a chance, I want to help as many people as I can.

  • Jaydeep Kale

    Jaydeep Kale

    Rural Development

    Since my school days, I always had inclination towards social work. I used to work for a Blind Member Association during my teenage years. Later, I figured out that doing social work gives me inner satisfaction and I continued it till today. I have majorly participated in rural development activities through Cybage CSR initiatives.

     I have received a certificate of appreciation from the Blind Men Association, Pune for my contribution in a fund-raising activity.

  • Dinesh Daf

    Dinesh Daf

    Community Development

    Since the day I joined CybageAsha team, I have participated in various activities. However, my interest is in De-addiction vertical. Working for this vertical till now gave me an understanding of the problems other people have in their life. However, we are brought up with so many comforts that we don’t value the small things in our life. It gives me immense satisfaction if I’m able to inspire even a single person of alcohol de-addiction as the life of an entire family is touched positively. I realize this particular area requires a lot of dedication and patience and needs our attention.

    I urge everyone around me to join me in every activity I participate and share my experience with them to inspire them to work for the society.