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2019-08-03 Tree plantation drive

CybageAsha Tree plantation drive

03/08/2019 CybageAsha

Planting saplings with their loved ones. our Cybagians found a perfect way to...

2019-07-22 CybageAsha Arogya Vahan Project

CybageAsha launches a mobile medical van t...

22/07/2019 CybageAsha

Mobile health services are a response to reach underserved population living in far flung areas who have...

2019-07-22 Handloom training center

CybageAsha helps weave livelihood for the...

22/07/2019 CybageAsha

Failing to keep up with the rising trends of the textile industry and inadaptability to learn the...

2019-06-29 School Kit Donation to Amma Foundation

Orphanage home visit & School Kit Donation...

29/06/2019 CybageAsha

In order to empower every child with education, CybageAsha ensures that they have the right tool and mot...



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CybageAsha considers rural development as its long-term project. Our intention is to help villagers improve their quality of life and make them self-reliant by developing the village infrastructure with their active participation.

To help the underprivileged improve their lot and enjoy their social rights on par with the rest of the society, CybageAsha, conducts several programs on its own and in association with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from various fields.

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About Us

About Us

Who we are

Taking the first step with good thoughts, the second with good words, and the third with good deeds, Cybage commenced its philanthropic arm, CybageAsha, in October 2003 which was later registered as trust on 7th January 2009 under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, CybageAsha values humanity and equality. With the perfect blend of integrity and enthusiasm, it works with a commitment to spread happiness amongst the underprivileged. In its own ways, the trust believes in “Spreading Smiles”.

CybageAsha consists of a CSR team and a voluntary committee of Cybagians, whose members are compassionate and caring enough to help make someone’s life better. Ritu Nathani, Director, Cybage, has wholeheartedly guided the team in each project.

Thoroughly organized, CybageAsha functions efficiently with support from its volunteers and the senior management of Cybage. With a strong will, dedication, and motto, the CybageAsha volunteers are always on a mission to transform lives.

The long-term projects of CybageAsha aim at uplifting rural communities using sustainable intervention. Through meticulously planned drives, the short-term projects enable volunteers to reach out to the visually impaired, youth, widows, women’s groups, and senior citizens,. CybageAsha also associates with...